Q 1. What is Neurotherapy?

Ans:- Neurotherapy or LMNT is a medicine – less therapy pioneered by Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, Where any acute – chronic diseases can be cured without giving any medicine, Just by putting pressure on different parts of body for particular time.

Q 2. Is neurotherapy based on Acupressure?

Ans:- NO, Neurotherapy is a unique therapy which has no connection or similarity with any other therapy.

Q 3. What precautions to be done while taking Neurotherapy Treatment?

Ans:- When one is under Neurotherapy Treatment Patient should Avoid

•             Non-Veg like Chicken, Mutton, Fish, ect.

•             No tobaceo, Smoking or alcohol

•             No Sour food Like tamarind, Tomato, Lemon, Curd, Citric Fruits, Cold Drinks, etc. for those who have pain in their body or breathing problems

Q 4. Special types of cloths are required during LMNT?

Ans:- Clothes should be loose and comfortable, so that the patient is at ease and relaxed while taking Neurotherapy treatment

Q 5. What about our treatment after going back from Centre?

Ans:- The relevant treatment particularly for that patient is taught to the patient relatives so that they can continue the treatment at home.

Q 6. Do you give free treatment for poor patients?

Ans:- Yes.

Q 7. Can I get any reading material on LMNT?

Ans:- YES books on LMNT are available at our site.

Q 8. What is the uniqueness of this Therapy?

Ans:- It sets right the root cause, i.e,the body's tendency to become diseased by correcting the internal

           organs,so that they start functioning normally.• It has its own methods of diagnosis but also
           the knowledge obtained from modern investigators, such as blood tests, X-ray reports, MRI, etc.• It
           the findings of Medical Physiology but views them from a uniquely different and refreshing
           that relates the use of medicines-less therapy or drugs.• Being a medicine-less therapy,it has no
           effects.The therapy is scientific because its method can be repeated over and over again, with

Q 9. Yearly how many patients are benefited through Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra;s Neurotherapy?

Ans:- Gradually from last 5 years the growing rate of Neurotherapy centres in all over India has
          came upto 950 centres till August 2012,• On an average we can count for 30 patients per day taking
          Neurotherapy treatment per centre (Actually no of patients has doubted in many centres),• 28,500
          patients in 950 neurotherapy centres per day,• According to 25 working days in a month, number of
          over patients taking neurotherapy treatments 7,12,500.• Approximately 8 1/2 crores of patients are
          benefited through Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra's Neurotherapy in last one year.