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Mr. Ajay Gandhi




Ajay Gandhi is first Neurotherapist from Punjab. Born on 21st April 1970 at Abohar, Punjab. He completed his education and started working in his family Business. He was also socially active with Sewa Bharti. In 1999 he was advised to move to Suryamal, a small village in Maharashtra and learn an indigenous, drugless therapy, known as Neurotherapy from Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra.

This was first batch of Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra giving residential training of Neurotherapy to people coming from different parts of the country. Ajay Gandhi was always keen to learn more and more, and he found the technique of Neurotherapy very unique and useful.



About Mr. Ajay Gandhi

He was overwhelmed by getting good results without giving any medicines to the patients. This was a turning point in his life. With full dedication to serve the society he came back to Punjab after completing his Neurotherapy training. Ajay Gandhi started talking to people about Neurotherapy and its benefits. He personally trained five big stars of Neurotherapy who are famous public figure now. In 1999 he along with his five Neurotherapists arranged 10 days Neurotherapy camp at Ludhiana, Punjab, it was organized by Sewa Bharti. And approximately 5,000 patients got treatment in 10 days.

Than on patient’s demand he opened a public charitable Neurotherapy center IPD run under Sewa Bharti at Sewa dham Chandigarh. Here patients were admitted for 7 days to treat them with only Neurotherapy. He also opened his own private center at 37 C Chandigarh. He is also running one cheritable Neurotherapy centre at Laxminarayan Mandir, Phase 3B2, Mohali. Punjab since 2000.

He also helped and supported his five Neurotherapist friends in opening their own Neurotherapy center’s at different places in Punjab with the help of one NGO. Seeing his wonderful results and the blend of Ancient Indian and modern science, many Doctors got impressed with Ajay Gandhi and started sending their patients for Neurotherapy treatment. He was also invited to run Neurotherapy Department in well known hospitals like:-

IVY Hospital, Mohali
INDUS HYGIEA Multi Speciality Hospital, Mohali


WINGS Hospital, Panchkula – Haryana.                


He has a big contribution in Neurothrapy by training 450 successful Neurotherapists till now out of which 8 Neurotherapists are practicing Neurotherapy out of India. He has diagnosed approximately 4 lacs 50,000 patients from India and other 22 countries. He himself has recorded data of about 34,000 patients at his center. He has visited Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia for Neurotherapy awareness camps.He is an expert in treating eye disease, neuro muscular disease, reproductive disorders, digestive disorders, pain management, etc. He is always ready to help others, either be his patients or his students. He lives his life in Neurotherapy and works 18 hours daily.

He has done diploma in Neurotherapy, diploma in Naturopathy and D.Pharmacy in Ayurveda. He was first coordinator of Punjab, than he became coordinator of North India. Since January 2017 he is All India National President of LMNTRTI. He has a vision of opening 10,000 Neurotherapy centers in all over India, and is working on this project to make India a healthy country.